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  • We are a professional supplier of mobile phone accessories, providing service for global companies in this industry. We steadily build scientific research, production, sales and service as one of the multi-dimensional complex enterprise, since the year we established. And we are the manufacturer, a professional R & D Team, according to requirements to undertake post-procesing and design.
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  • RETORZ has always been treating any new product with the insight of innovation and development since its inception.We follow the pace of the digital product upgrading, ensure that the users have always been able to experience new products and new technology at the first time.
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  • If customers have the intention to join us, the process is to submit the application . Our company will conduct a feasibility survey and market analysis.Once the assessment of examination has been approval by our compan


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    • Product Name: R -58

    • Extended attribute: Specification:UK/EU/AU/US

    Product overview: Dual USB output intelligent, super compatibility, ...
    • Product Name: RT-36

    • Extended attribute: Specification:Dual USB car charger

    Product overview: Small, big difference, dual USB output intelligent...
    • Product Name: RT-38

    • Extended attribute: Specification:UK/EU/AU/US

    Product overview: One to four car charger, convenient and practical ...